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                Welcome To Maker Cloud



                It’s a place full of beauty and experiences, experiences that become memories. Come and enjoy the beauty of the sea, the sky, the earth, the people and spend... 了解更多


                Kassandra Bay Resort & Spa is a unique Resort Complex nestled within a timeless landscape by the sea and surrounded by nature in the beautiful island of Skiathos.... 了解更多


                Kassandra Bay Resort & Spa is perfectly located along the blue waters of Vasilias beach and surrounded by olive groves and lush gardens. The hotel is located 3km... 了解更多


                Photography摄影是不断成长并充满活力的摄影工作室, 从事创意婚纱、个性写真及商业广告拍摄等高端专业摄影业务。 时光荏苒,宽地从一间60平米的小店,发展到1500平米的大棚, 并成为无数名人及时尚杂志官方指定摄影工作室。