Nose licks & Tail wags


Welcome to, the online home of kindness trainer Tobi-Dawne Smith.  If this is your first time visiting here at Nose Licks & Tail Wags you may be wondering why nose licks?  It's actually relatively simple, and comes from something TD learned from her dogs many years ago.

A dog never lies.  When he is happy, his whole body cannot help but demonstrate the fact.  His eyes shine, he grins, he prances, his tail wags, his whole body wiggles with glee.  And when you are the lucky reason for his joy, then you know what's likely to come;  If your face happens to be within reach, you get a kiss.

A big dog, with their equally large and rough tongue, will souse your whole face.  In one go you'll be enveloped in a moist, and oft uncomfortable, warmth.  Yet how could one refuse?  As soggy as it may be, it's equally filled with love.

Now, a wee one, with their itty bitty tongue, flitting here and there, will nail you right on the tip of the nose.  Aimed precisely, and delivered with speed unrivalled even in the world of professional race car driving.  You'll be tagged before you even know what hit you - just hope it's not up the nostril.

There really is nothing sweeter than a nose lick and the accompanying tail wag - regardless of the dogs size.  For they all mean the same thing, and isn't that exactly what we all hope for?

So there you have it.  As simple as it is... 

A nose lick is a testament to joy, and a touch of refreshing honesty.  Could there be a more appropriate way to name a website dedicated to promoting the companionship, trust, loyalty, devotion, and love that exists between a person and their dog?  We thought not.

In any case.  Welcome!  We're glad you found your way here.


Why nose licks?

Based in Saskatoon, SK, clicker trainer and canine communications expert, Tobi-Dawne Smith believes that we all learn best through kindness.  She seeks to improve human/dog relations through education and with positive motivation.

It doesn’t have to be a dog eat dog world.